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Million Dollar Idea Factory Application

I only work with a select few.

If you’re here it means we’ve talked, and I believe you have what it takes to create a Million Dollar Product, and I want YOU to have the streamlined route to success so you won’t have to go through the (major) trial and error I went through when I created the revolutionary Snugbods Bodysuits and Glass Straws.

Below you’ll find an outline of nearly everything that’s covered in this kickass course (but I have some extra juicy surprises for those that sign up), as well as the opportunity to apply for one of the LIMITED places in this program.

Once you commit to creating your Million Dollar Idea, we’ll hop on a 1:1 call to map out immediate steps you can take to create your product, and a business that supports it, ASAP! From you’ll be working closely with me, guest industry experts, and the other women on the course to get from where you are now, to having a physical sample of your Million Dollar Product in your hands.

In this program you’re not alone – you’re not going to get rorted, or end up with a product that doesn’t live up to your vision. I’m taking care ofthe ENTIRE manufacturing process for you, including product creation, sourcing, importing, quality assurance, and media coverage. Whatever it takes to bring your Million Dollar Idea to life – I’m there. All you need to do is apply!

Love and sparkles,



What do I get?

  1. 8 weekly course videos covering everything you need to know to bring your Million Dollar Idea to life, and support it with a Million Dollar business
  2. 8 weekly group call in days to get your questions answered, and get the support of the group Mastermind
  3. 2 x 1:1, 1 hour calls with Monique
  4. Unlimited access to our private Facebook group for the support of the MDIF community
  5. 1 week of 1:1 Skype access to Monique to get you on the fast-track to success!
  6. 2 day live Mastermind event in Sydney
  7. A sketch of your product idea
  8. An actual sample of your Million Dollar product, ready to start making sales!

8 weeks to create your Million Dollar Idea

Module 1. Vision

Tangible products are NOT different to info products – you still need a strong brand to market them, magnetically attract your target market, and sell them by the shipload.

From flushing out your idea to infusing your personality into your brand, prepare to unleash the real YOU into the marketplace, and discover how your identity DIRECTLY IMPACTS your brand, your idea and your BIG vision.

This is the foundation for the rest of the course – the AWESOME platform you need to launch your Million Dollar Idea!

Module 2. Niche/Avatar

Who are you targeting? Get so clear on your target market that you’ll be surprised when your avatar isn’t staring back at you when you brush your pearly whites each morning!

Discover EXACTLY what makes them tick, and EXACTLY what will make your idea impossible to resist. It won’t even matter if a similar product comes along – you’ll know exactlywhat sets you apart in the marketplace, and we’ll build your UNSTOPPABLE 12-month marketing strategy, including your website, social media and traditional media, from there!

Module 3. Business Model

Are you overwhelmed trying to figure out the best business model for your idea? Or does the thought of business models, structures and technicality send you running for the cookies ‘n’ cream?

Kick the confusion of too much information, lose the headache of working out pros and cons, and ditch the drag of trying to do it all alone. I’ll teach you the ins and outs of every successful product business model – retail, e-tail, supplier, wholesale, drop shipping, and party planning – and find the model that’s the best match for you, your business and your life.

Module 4. Sourcing

Now that you’ve got the basics, we’re going to move into getting your product MADE!

Most of us are trying to keep the house spotless, get dinner on the table every night, take care of ourselves and somehow build a business that makes millions – IT ISN’T POSSIBLE! Here you’ll learn to source your Million Dollar Idea efficiently and cost-effectively (this just in – Google is the least effective way).

I’ll let you in on mysourcing secrets, including what to look out for, what to expect from a good manufacturer, and how toPROTECT YOURSELF from being scammed by offshore manufacturers.

Module 5. Website/landing pages

Create an irresistible online funnel to your Million Dollar Product – drive traffic to your website, learn tips and tricks for an effective opt-in page with a fabulous free offer, and build a relationship with your subscribers as they move from readers to BUYERS.

You’ll also learn the best way to merchandise your products online, including INFUSING YOUR PERSONALITY into your product marketing and online brand, how a SENSATIONAL DESIGN boosts your sales, as well as uncovering the MISSING PIECES in your online marketing strategy.

Module 6. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads grew my list by 350% in just three weeks! And with over 1 billion people logging into Facebook EVERY MONTH, you can too!

By now you’ve done the hard yards – you’re clear on your product, your identity, your vision and your avatar – and now you can market directly to your niche!

I’ll let you in on my top-secret strategies to get the same results that I did to BOOST your Likes, BUILD your list, and SUPERCHARGE your sales.

Module 7. Communication

You know who you are, you know what your product is, and you know who your market is, so how are you going totalk to them?

Learn everything you need to know to write effective copy and sell your Million Dollar Idea with my GUEST COPYWRITING EXPERT! Including key copywriting tricks like what makes a good headline and the difference between features and benefits, how to structure an enticing opt-in page or a sales page that sells, and how to use your blog and newsletter to drive traffic to your products, you don’t want to miss this!

Module 8. Ongoing Production

Now you’ve built the foundations it’s time to set up your sustainable business.

The best brands are CONSISTENT – Nikes in Australia are the same as Nikes in the US, or Japan, or Italy. I want YOU to have the same QUALITY and the same CONSISTENCY as a leading, global brand.

You’ll learn to be vigilant with must-have info on QA, stock control, my top three tips to maintain quality, and how to build an ongoing relationship with your suppliers.

Apply today for your $2,000 scholarship!

The full price of this course is $10,000. However, if you enrol today you get a $2,000 scholarship!

This makes the full 8-week program, including one-on-one time with me, access to experts in trademarks, social media, copywriting, and more, AND a sketch and sample of your product for just $8,000!

I’m going to handle the ENTIRE manufacturing process for you, from sourcing your products and importing to quality assurance and media coverage – all you need to cover is the delivery of your product to your door!

Just imagine holding that sample in your hands, knowing your products are on their way.

If you’re anything like me, you want your product YESTERDAY, so launch your Million Dollar Idea and secure your $2,000 scholarship by applying today!

Yes – I’m ready to bring my Million Dollar Idea to life!

Sign me up for an interview!

I know that, if you’re on this page, you’re ready to step up and bring your Million Dollar Idea to life. However, there are LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE for this course, so I’m handpicking only those who are ready to do the work and get shit done!

There is NOTHING else like this on the market. While other programs might teach you sourcing OR marketing OR quality assurance, this is the only program that covers the end-to-end production of your PHYSICAL product.

I’m going to give you all the radical, juicy tools and information you need to succeed, but YOU are responsible for implementing them. This means that YOU need to do the work. YOU need to be on the live calls, asking questions in the Q&A, interacting in our private Facebook group, and completing the exercises.

If you think you fit the bill, then apply for your interview below!

  1. I understand that my deposit does NOT guarantee me a place in the course. The deposit only entitles me to an interview.
  2. I understand that my $1,000 deposit is FULLY and IMMEDIATELY refundable if I decide during our call that I do not want to proceed, or if you decide that this program isn’t right for me.
  3. I understand that our call is a SCOPING SESSION where you’ll be mapping out a 12 months plan for me to create the success I want by bringing my Million Dollar Idea to life. I understand that if I am happy at the end of this scoping session, the remaining $7,000 is payable as either a lump sum, or an agreed upon payment plan by negotiation.


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Grab your FREE 3 Part Podcast Series, where I share 3 powerful strategies to get you on track to creating your million dollar product empire. Enter your details below for instant access.

Are You Ready To Start BOOMING and INCREASE Product Sales?
Grab your FREE 3 Part Podcast Series, where I share 3 powerful strategies to get you on track to creating your million dollar product empire. Enter your details below for instant access.

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