The Most Undervalued Page On Your Website That Helps Sell More Products

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Your website is the place your product calls home.

It’s where customers come to buy and learn about your product, as well as the backstory of how it came to be.

Let’s take a look at this purely from a Customer’s perspective.

You’ve heard about a great product which appears to solve a massive problem. 

A visit to the website gives you all the details and benefits, which makes you even more intrigued about the who/why/how.

Then you head on over on to their About Us Page, wanting to know more about the amazing innovator, and what prompted them to create such a fabulous product. But all you get is a bunch of corporate style jargon, with no life or personality shining through.

So what makes a great About page?

A Great ‘About Us’ Product Page Should Include:

• A picture of you looking natural doing something fun. It could be with your kids, outdoors indoors, holding your product etc The list is endless, just ensure it captures the essence of who you are.
• Quirky bits of info about you, like your obsession with Kylie Minogue (oops that’s me) or your addiction to herbal tea and green juice (me again). The point is that your customers get an overall feel for what you’re about and are able to connecting with you. It’s the online version of networking, except your customers get a bit more of an insight into who you are.
• Information about what led you to create your product ie what problem were you experiencing that led you to the light bulb moment that you’re asking them to buy.
• Testimonials from happy customers.

I love Spanx About Us page.

Another big mistake I see so many product retailers make, is that they use it as a place to sing their own praises.

Remember WIIF Principle – What’s In It For Me.

People want to know how your product benefits them, and this is the perfect time to also make a personal connection.

Don’t Babble.

It’s great to use words like visionary, high quality product, outstanding customer service etc on your About page. But make it conversational, relatable and super simple.

Be Yourself.

Trying to be someone your not online, is just as bad as doing it in person. Your business is your baby and you’re in it for the long haul. Lay the foundations from the start so that maintenance is easy – after all it’s so much easier being YOU than anybody else.

Use Candid Real Life Photos

Share some family snap shots or even some abstract lifestyle shots of you on holidays. If a picture tells a thousand words, then make sure they’re quality shots that tie in with your brand ethos and style.

It’s a bit like show and tell really – except you want to make it engaging enough to maintain their interest.

Connect. Inspire. Pique curiosity.

Share Your Valueshand chocolate pink heart

Let them into your world. By sharing who you are at a deeper level, you’re opening the door for deep connection with your customers.

Include Social Proof

Share a few customer testimonials.


The point of your About Us page, is for you customers to get to know you, in order to like and trust you, so keep it simple, engaging and all about them.

I’d love to see your About Us page. Share your link below as well any other pages you think are great.

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