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Rock Your product sales

I have lost count how many times over the years, I’ve missed out on holiday promo opportunities for my business. Christmas suddenly sneaks up, Easter comes out of nowhere, Valentines day, Earth Day….the list goes on.

Suddenly, there is a mad dash to get ‘something’ out, opportunities are missed and I vow that next year will be different.
Don’t fret, I have finally found The Solution. Watch the video below to find out how simple it actually is.

Stay on track, by forward planning sales for the year.


Sounds complicated, but it’s super simple. This is all you need to do:

1. Use an Excel spreadsheet, Word document or just paper.
2. Look up all the public holidays for the year/month in question.
3. Find out about all the not so well known holidays that tie in with your brand. For example I sell glass straws so something like Earth Day, is perfect for me.
4. Plan your ‘value pack’ sale for each holiday, and enter/write into your plan.
5. Make notes on when you would like to start promoting, start/finish times for sale, and most importantly – lock it in Eddy. If it’s not in your diary, it’s not really going to happen.
6. Promote like crazy especially when using the fun made up days.
7. You can even create your own ‘day’ to tie in with your business
This gives you more ‘promo’ opportunities to build the excitement of what’s coming up, and more leverage to actually promote your business in general.


About the Author:

Monique Alamedine is a product creation expert, who specializes in
 turning million dollar ideas into tangible products. She helps 
innovative product creators and online retailers to create an 
authentic brand, and build a raving fan base.

Mum, Blingstreses & Entrepeneur, she launched the revolutionary 
Snugbods Bodysuits, which have been featured in such media as 
The Today Show, The Catch Up Show, ABC Matters. Woman's Day, 
Who and Dolly Magazine. She also introduced eco-stylish 
Glass Drinking Straws - all with no previous product experience.
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