So You Want To Start A Clothing Label.

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Picture this….

You have a fabulous idea for a clothing range. It should be simple enough to create, right? Well technically yes, you have the idea, you take it to a manufacturer and they just make it – simple enough.

However, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. I have spoken to quite a few women who are really interested in creating their own fashion line, which prompted me to write this article about things you need to be aware of before starting.


You need to be really clear on what you actually want. This is the crucial foundation to save time and money and to ensure all the elements come together.


This is where you idea starts to turn into something tangible. Once you have your sketch, you need to take it to a reputable patternmaker. Be selective about who you go to as one slight mistake on the pattern and you have wasted weeks of time and money. When producing off-shore, you need to be crystal clear about even the slightest of changes.


Ensure you have gone through a swatch of fabric colours to choose the exact colour, weight and texture that will suit the style of garment. This may take a few rounds, but it’s well worth doing the research at the beginning of the process.


Once you receive your sample, be sure to wear it, wash it and put it through the ringer to ensure the quality and durability of the garment. I personally wear every Bodysuit to test for comfort and style. Once you approve the sample, the next stage is a production sample which will show you the final product customers receive.


While there is no Australian Standard Sizes. If you find a store that has a great cut, I recommend you base your sizes on what they use and go from there. I actually created my first bodysuit based on my bodyshape/size as my target market were women who didn’t have ‘perfect’ bodies.  Find what works for your market.

Research, Research, Research

  • Shipping and Customs duty must be factored in. What are the end costs to your product?

  • How will you market the range?
  • You need to commit hours of time to research for the right manufacturer, and retailers to stock your product.
  • How will you ensure they have stringent Quality Assurance processes from here?
  • What are the compulsory labelling requirements?
  • Can you manage the process effectively from here?

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