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How I Created My Online Product Empire With No Manufacturing Or Retail Experience…..How I Can Help You Do The Same.

 You’re INSPIRED by your idea. You get EXCITED when you start telling people about it. You find yourself daydreaming about your launch party when you stare out the window . . . in fact, you just can’t stop thinking about it.

Sometimes you think that maybe you’re a little too obsessed.

But then there are times when you wonder why nobody else has done it . . . and you even worry that someone might beat you to it.

You may even already own an online retail store selling fashion, homeware or beauty products, and you’re tired of justifying why you do what you do to your husband and friends. You created your business to allow you more time with your family, but the stress of not knowing what to do next is taking over what started out as an exciting adventure, to bring your idea to life.

Don’t worry – I get it. This is YOUR THING.

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YOU DON’T WANT someone else managing the entire process for you. YOU want to be the one that drives the development of your product empire.

If this is you, then I have something special JUST FOR YOU . . .

8 weeks with meIf you KNOW you’re meant to be in the driver’s seat, CREATING your OWN success through bringing your Million Dollar Idea to life, but you don’t know how to start, this program is for you.

Here you get to be INDEPENDENT without being alone – you’re not going to get rorted, or end up with a product that doesn’t live up to your vision. I’ll teach YOU how to do it YOURSELF, so that you’ll always have a clear roadmap about how to turn your next idea into a TANGIBLE product.

connection + authenticiy

Creating a 6 figure business is hard work as it is, without adding the strain of maintaining a facade. Learn how to stop hiding behind your product, and become the star of the show.

One of the biggest mistakes I see online retailers make is that they try to be everything to everyone.

Once you hone in to pinpoint who YOU love working with – communicating with your tribe will become so much easier as you watch sales skyrocket.  No more shooting in the dark, it’s now laser beam focus.

Getting crystal clear on who you are, and love marketing to, will feel much like hanging with your Peeps, rather than ‘switching’ on into business mode.

Communicating with your tribe on a regular basis without resorting to  shoving your products down their throat is imperative. I’m going to teach you how to set up your sales funnel, so it runs on auto-pilot. Back when I first started, not only was it super confusing, but I didn’t quite know how to apply it to my tangible products. Create once and let it run!

The difficulty I experienced when I started was that there was no experts to guide me with tangible products. There were plenty of mentors for services or digital products, and unfortunately although the base principles were similar, it’s really a different kettle of fish.

How can I tell you that I want to spare you years of heartache, stress and time that I unfortunately wasted in trying to create a strong product based business and online store?

How can I convey my passion to assist YOU in creating a legacy, while also spending quality time with your precious family?

I’ll only be sharing all my tips, tricks and secrets with my inner sanctum.

Getting my samples together - exciting times!

Getting my samples together – exciting times!

Imagine having direct access to me.

We could brainstorm.

I could kick your butt.

You would always get tough love – guaranteed

You’d always know the next steps to take.

I would give you the clarity you need at the time you need it.

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 Women who:

Have created their own range of physical products.

Have already established, or would like to open an online shop to sell products.

Are ready to start taking massive action, to create an abundant lifestyle.

Have an idea for a product and aren’t sure how to monetize their innovation.

Are tired of chasing their tail, yet still not earning enough to keep their passion alive.

Are prepared to do whatever it takes, and are coachable.

Want to make money the fun way, by being themselves.

Want to own 2014, and smash through all those years of self-sabotage.

Here's some of what you'll learn.png

  • Insider secrets learnt from YEARS of sourcing bestselling products in China, including what to watch out for, and how to build a sustainable product empire.
  • How to transform your concept from a mere idea to a sexy sales producing machine.
  • The MOST IMPORTANT element of creating and marketing a product; the one thing that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to resist.
  • The three most powerful pieces of your online marketing strategy and how to leverage them to BOOST your Likes, BUILD your list, and SUPERCHARGE your sales.
  • How to create the MAGNETIC brand and the platform YOU need to launch your Million Dollar Idea.
  • You’ll be working closely with me, guest industry experts, and the other women on the course to get from where you are now, to becoming a Retail Hustler.

Curious? Find out more

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This is just a TASTE of everything I’ll be covering in this course, but rest assured – there is NOTHING else like this on the market.
Other programs might teach you sourcing OR marketing OR quality assurance, this is the ONLY program that covers the end-to-end production of your PHYSICAL product. Imagine learning how to do it yourself, so that NEXT TIME you can go from concept to creation in mere weeks!

This course is jam-packed with TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars in value, from my own experience and training, to the team of experts I’ve brought on board to GUARANTEE that YOU have all the information you need to create a successful product launch, and a process that you can replicate for future Million Dollar Ideas.

If you’re READY to bring your Million Dollar Idea to life, WITHOUT the blood, sweat and tears that I went through to create MY first product, then complete the form below.  I’d LOVE to talk to you about how we can turn your idea into a TANGIBLE REALITY.

I’m only offering LIMITED places in this course. If one of them is yours, click on the button below – they won’t last long!



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