Innovation Ignition Series – Karla Lopez Creator of SpanishRose

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A Blog Series putting the spotlight on Women who have taken an idea from concept to creation


The goal of this series is to showcase innovative kickass women who have created their own product range. It puts the spotlight on the daring, bold women behind the brand.

If you’re interested in sharing your story, email with the subject line ‘Innovation Ignition Series’.

SpanishRose is THE career woman’s boutique. More than just a boutique with pretty clothing & accessories, it’s a labour of love dedicated to making a woman know and feel she is worthy of chasing and living her dreams.

K (Karla) Lopez, and I’m the Stylist & CEO of SpanishRose


When did you start your business?
I created my business on 2-14-13 (the day I sat down & wrote my 32-page business plan)

Tell us about your Business/Product:
SpanishRose is a boutique for the feminine, classic, and stylish career woman; more than a boutique, SpanishRose’s mission is to empower the passionate career woman.

What problem does your product solve?
SpanishRose power dresses a woman to feel even more beautiful than the woman she already is. It gives her the boost of confidence and love to pursue her career passion. SpanishRose empowers the career woman by bringing her inner beauty out for the world to see.

What does a typical day look like for you?
A typical day for me: Get up at 4:00am to go work out at the gym. Eat breakfast. Meditate happy thoughts for 10 minutes. Do some social networking. Work from 8am-4/5pm at my day job. Go to evening classes 6pm-9pm (mon, wed,thurs). Go home and check emails, research and implement ideas to be used on my business. Lights out by 10pm.

What/who inspired the idea?
SpanishRose was inspired by my genuine passion for making women feel beautiful and amazing. I love fashion and all things girl-power – SpanishRose incorporates all this.

What challenges did you face when you started, compared to now?
The main challenge I faced was learning to knock down my inner critic. Constantly beating myself up for not accomplishing something sooner, not doing something perfect, and not allowing myself to give myself credit for the work I had done, was something that has taken me time. I think getting out of my own way has been my biggest challenge – at times I felt I purposely stopped myself from going farther because of I was afraid of the unknown, and therefore scared to move forward with things. Learning to acknowledge my accomplishments here and there has allowed me to quiet my inner critic and move forward. Also accepting the fact that I will make mistakes as I go along gives me a sense of freedom and peace =)

What’s your top 3 low cost/free product marketing tips?
Since I don’t sell yet (at the time of writing this), I can’t really say much in regard to this. But, my marketing tips are utilizing free resources, such as social media networks, researching (google is the best!), and putting my heart into what I write in my blog.

Best time management tips?
My best time management tips. Oh goodness, I’m a proud OCD neat freak and total organizational queen! I think I’m the most organized person I know. This is by far my biggest strength- as it definitely helps me stay on top of things. I like to create a plan/ schedule for myself daily. On Sundays, I make a list of “Will-Do” things to be accomplished for the following week, day, by day, if possible. I also make sure to make time for things important to me (working out, taking little breaks, pampering myself, etc). I’m also a minimalist, which helps me manage my time in the sense that I don’t have to regularly clean/dust/repair what most people who aren’t minimalist waste time in doing.

What ecommerce software do you use?
I use are WordPress, WooCommerce, and will also be utilizing QuickBooks Intuit.

Favourite drink?
My favorite drink is water! Lol. I am proud to say that I have been soda-free since January 1, 2009 =)

What advice would you give to budding innovators?
The advice I’d give to budding innovators is that no matter what your passion is, to always follow it while staying true to yourself. I strongly feel that clients, customers, fans, etc know when you believe in your own products/service, and appreciate it more when your heart is truly in it.

Biz tools you just couldn’t manage without?
My Mac Book, my mini iPad, my iPhone, and my Canon camera.

What’s your typical work fashion style?
Slacks/dress and heels, minimal makeup, and a positive, can-do attitude!

3 things that would surprise us to know about you?
1. Well, I can proudly say I can fit everything I own in my 4 suitcase set! How many people, especially women you know, can say that!? Lol.
2. I don’t like fur – and although considered a fashion desire by many, it’s something I wouldn’t wear, sell, nor produce.
3. I have the appetite of a quarterback…I like food, and I’m not afraid to eat!
What song that gets you pumping?
Currently it’s Beyonce’s “Grown Woman”. “It ain’t no fuuunnnn, if a girl can’t havvveeeeee none”. =)

What’s the best advice you have ever received?
It was from my Dad. At a young age, while checking my homework, he would tell me to color the sketches that came drawn in the assignment pages – that doing so would show my teachers I put extra effort in my work. Since then, I’ve always made it a habit to go the extra mile and differentiate myself from the rest.

What’s your Brand Vibe?
Classic beauty, powerful femininity, and stylish confidence.

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