Innovation Ignition Series – Dotti Templeton Creator of TwoSees

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A Blog Series putting the spotlight on Women who have taken an idea from concept to creation

The goal of this series is to showcase innovative kickass women who have created their own product range. It puts the spotlight on the daring, bold women behind the brand.

If you’re interested in sharing your story, email with the subject line ‘Innovation Ignition Series’.


Innovation Ignition Series – Dotti Templeton Creator of TwoSees Templeton



Tell Us About Your Business/Product.

I invented TwoSees…the onesies with a “rear view” that allows you to check for poop without removing baby’s pants. Perfect for a one-year old 😉

What Problem Does Your Product Solve?


What Problem Does Your Product Solve?

Sometimes you smell something that you think is poop, and you put your kid on the floor or drag him into the changing table, pull down his pants, pick up his leg, then stick your finger into the diaper leg, and NOTHING. Wasted effort.

Or worse, you undress him and remove his diaper and it was barely wet. At 50 cents a pop, you don’t want to waste diapers.

TwoSees have an “easy peek” vertical opening in the back so that you can just pull out the waistband of his pants, look through the slit, and pull out the waistband of his diaper to check his butt.

Or sometimes you can’t smell, and you want to check his butt just in case.

The opening is particularly helpful when you have a room full of kids, all of whom might be guilty of the “dirty deed” (like a daycare center) and the kid with the TwoSees will be quick and easy to check.

What Does A Typical Day Look Like For You?

Of course, first thing I do is connect to an electronic something. IPhone, IPad, laptop. A must.

I check my business emails first for orders, and correspond with my customers whether it’s to send thank you notes or ask questions about their orders.

Then as the Chief Executive Grandma AND pick-n-packer, I print out the labels for shipping and wrap and pack the orders. Later on, I take them to the post office.

I frequently check blogs or other websites looking for appropriate places to post info on TwoSees…either ads or articles.

I have family close by and am often involved in some aspect of visiting or helping them out somehow, which I love.

Learning is a hobby for me, so I’m always watching videos or reading info on marketing, retailing, SEO, Face Book ads, or whatever.

Who/What Inspired The Idea?

I was grocery shopping with my one-year old granddaughter when I thought I smelled something. The “sniff test” was inconclusive. My shopping cart was almost full and Cassady was sitting in the seat, wearing a Onesie under her pants and shirt.

With no restroom to use and no place to lie her down, I parked my cart, put on our hats, coats and mittens, and headed out to the car. By then it had started to snow and you know what it’s like to juggle a baby, a purse and a diaper bag in a slippery parking lot.
I put her on the cold back seat of my car, wrestled down her pants, lifted her leg, put my finger into the leg opening, and pulled it open to take a peek. Empty. All that for nothing.

“There has to be an easier way,” I thought as I got her dressed again and hiked back into the supermarket. But my cart wasn’t where I left it. In a frantic search of the aisles, I found an employee returning my cart’s contents to the shelves. Cold and cranky (me, not the baby), I had to re-shop for half my list.

When I got home, I searched the Internet for a snap-at-the-crotch undershirt with an opening in the back that would allow me to do a quick butt check. It didn’t exist. So I invented it. The TwoSee was born and is now patent pending.

I named the company Little Parakeet, my nickname for Cassady. As a baby, she had feathery little tufts of hair, loved looking at herself in the mirror, and quieted down if you put something over her head (facts you might only know about parakeets if your grandparents had them as pets 😉

What’s Your Top 3 Low Cost/Free Product Marketing Tips?

Ask and you shall receive. Although I initially paid a PR agency, I found that I could basically do what they had been doing myself by reaching out to appropriate blogs and websites to post my product or have it reviewed.

I put TwoSees on Plum District (which is like a Groupon site and has lots of stuff for babies and kids). I had to discount them pretty deeply, but the exposure was great.

Enter a contest to get some kind of “Good Housekeeping” approval. I applied for and received the PTPA (Parent Tested, Parent Approved) designation. I have stickers that I put on the shirts and on the website showing that an entity tested and approved of my product.

Best Time Management Tips. If You’re A Mum Tell Us How You Manage Mamahood And Running A Business.

I’m a grandma. I don’t have a little kid running around, but I have family close by that I like to spend time with, a hubby, and a house to keep up with. Plus I’m a volunteer care giver coach at the local hospital.

I did have my own business when my kids were little and was blessed to have my mom close by who would watch them any time. I don’t know how you can care for kids and run a business at the same time without help.

What Ecommerce Software Do You Use?

Woo Commerce

Your Favourite Drink?

I love those mocha Starbucks Frapaccinos in the glass bottles they sell at the supermarket.

What Advice Would You Give To Budding Innovators?

Talk to somebody who’s been there, listen to them, and learn from their mistakes. There are a million things I would do differently today if I had it to start over.

I listened to experts but didn’t always follow their advice. Sometimes I’m glad that I didn’t, but sometimes I should have. I’d have a lot more money in my bank account right now.

Biz Tools You Just Couldn’t Live Without?

I love because it’s so easy to print out mailing labels, stick them on, and if I only have a few items to mail, stick everything right in my mailbox for the mail carrier to take.

What’s Your Typical Work Fashion Style?

I always get dressed first thing in the morning. Usually before I leave the bedroom because if I don’t, it’s hard for me to drag myself back in to take a shower and get dressed.

If I’m not going anywhere, no makeup.

What Song Gets You Pumping?

Happy by Williams. Corny but true.

What’s The Best Advice You Have Ever Received?

I don’t know if there’s been so much or too little that I can’t remember.

OK, once a psych professor taught us to allow things to just “wash over you” without passing judgement or thinking about what you’re going to say, or trying to decide what you think about what you’re hearing. I was a business consultant at a large consulting firm from many years, and that advice served me well then and serves me well today in every day communications.

Don’t do to big a run of your product right out of the gate.

Keep good records. I suck at this, but come tax time, I realize what good advice it is.

3 Things That Would Surprise Us To Know About You?

Hmmmm, I’m just not that surprising.

I’m an officiant. I marry people.

I’m the oldest of 7 daughters.

I rode around Boston on a Segway with my husband last year.

What’s Your Brand Vibe?

I started out wanting a high-end brand image. TwoSees’ quality if very good. Nice, thick, soft cotton, and soft screen printing of my own designs.

As time went on, however, I really just liked the idea of having as many babies as possible wearing TwoSees. That’s one reason I went on Plum District. It stopped mattering to me if people thought they were high-end and just bought them.

What’s Your Biggest Challenge Now AND When You First Started?

Money is always a challenge and how to spend. Was in the beginning and is now.

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