How To Create A Strong Brand Identity

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When I worked in the corporate sector, the only way to move forward was to conform to wearing suits, being politically correct, having to play the game with rules set by someone high up, and never ever swearing.

I don’t like being told what to do. Never have and never will.

I’m not what a typical rebel looks like. I’m friendly, sweet, thoughtful and generally try to make the world a better place.

I guess I’m a Zen rebel 

Being employed by somebody who will dictate what time I need to clock on, what I wear and how I behave just doesn’t work for me. Top that with the fact that I am required to listen to and respect who I report to, purely because they are employed to manage me.

One thing that stands out in my mind when working for somebody else was that I wanted to make my own rules. I dreamed of doing my own thing. Creating a business based on what I love and leaving out the yucky bits.

Finally the day came when I created my vision (or so I thought).

The funny is that it looked exactly like my corporate position did. Stuffy suit. Corporate jargon. Superficiality.

I stayed this way for many years wondering why I was still feeling empty, and not achieving the level of success I thought I would have achieved.

My first client as a Coach was a $20k corporate client. Great money, but was I happy? Hell no!

I’d love to tell you that I learned early on in my business, but the truth is that it took me many tries before I stumbled upon the secret missing ingredient.

Create a business around your personality. Super simple, yet so complex.

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Your business is an extension of you. Infused with your spirit. So it doesn’t make sense to create two different personas, right?

Imagine being able to show up as yourself in your business. Fun, fun fun!

Look at your logo, colours, web design, copy. Does it excite you? fuel you?

Let’s go beyond the external stuff.

Think about the way you show up to the world.

What do you stand for?

What are you against?

If you’re already sharing this with everyone, then you’re ten steps ahead of most people, because they’re afraid of losing clients. What you need to realise is that you can’t lose what isn’t meant for you. Nothing wrong with a bit of polarisation to weed out the time wasters and to serve those who need YOU.

Picture a place where you can serve your tribe from the heart. Be of service to them by giving them all of you. Not the watered down ‘perfect’ version of you. Think about great Mentors who have paved the way for you. What would happen if they had held back of themselves? I can tell you right now that you wouldn’t have gotten your money’s worth paying them for something they only half shared.

When I moved from a service to product business, I still took with me the concept of being what I thought clients wanted. It went one step further though, because now I had a buffer – my products, to hide behind.

So I carried on this way, still wondering why there was no real connections. Until I finally learned the principles of Identity Branding. This is where your values and personality combine with the practical external stuff like logo etc

Speaking of which, your logo should totally be a reflection of you on the proviso that it clearly conveys what you sell AND stand for.

But let’s delve below the surface.

Identity Branding is about your:

Personal, spiritual and world beliefs



What you stand for/against


How Do You Use This In Everyday Business?

Once you get a clear sense of self, it shows up everyday in every way.


  • Something your totally disagree with.
  • A struggle you have personally experienced.
  • Thoughts about a hot topic
  • Music that you love
  • Clothes you’d wear or places to travel
  • Something that makes your blood boil
  • Another that lifts your spirit
  • A product that you love and why

So you can see that sharing of yourself and in turn creating your Brand Identity, is not so difficult because it’s just you being you. Now that instantly eliminates ALL of the competition, because there is nobody who can do you better than you can, right?

Tell me, have you experienced something similar? What were you hiding behind? Share below.

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